People of the project

Anders Nordel
Project Coordinator

Anders Nordell embodies the fusion of technical acumen and entrepreneurial spirit. His professional journey has spanned across diverse landscapes, from small start-ups to esteemed academic institutions and large corporate organisations.

Healthcaremedical imaging, and Magnetic Resonance are the realms where Anders’s expertise shines. His deep understanding of these domains positions him as a valuable asset within the NetZeroAICT consortium, where he serves as the Project Coordinator. His role involves orchestrating and harmonising efforts to drive sustainable advancements in the intersection of AI and medical imaging. Anders also manages the project activities as WP8 Leader.

Regent Lee
Scientific Coordinator


Regent Lee is an Associate Professor of Vascular Surgery at the University of Oxford. His research focuses on integrative assessments of biomarkers for investigating cardiovascular pathologies such as atherosclerosis and abdominal aortic aneurysms. Regent is also pioneering novel methods to characterise biological signals in blood tests and clinical scans, including ultrasound and computerised tomography imaging.

As Scientific Coordinator of the NetZeroAICT consortium, Regent is at the forefront of advancing AI science for CT imaging.

Martina Nešverová
Project Manager

Programme Manager of the Health and Biotechnology Team at Amires with extensive experience in grant preparation and management.
As the Project Manager for the NetZeroAICT project, she brings her expertise to drive sustainable change in the field of R&D technologies.

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