Pioneering Digital Transformation in Healthcare

NetZeroAICT recently participated in a workshop titled “Pioneering Digital Transformation in Healthcare,” hosted by AMIRES in Prague. The event was a pivotal gathering for the NetZeroAICT project, featuring contributions from three distinguished partners.

Scientific Coordinator Regent Lee, Associate Prof. at the University of Oxford, introduced the project’s innovative use of artificial intelligence to generate ‘digital contrast’ from non-contrast CT scans. This novel approach aims to replace the environmentally detrimental and health-compromising radiocontrast media currently used in contrast-enhanced CT scans.

The project’s ambition is to diminish the environmental, health, and financial burdens associated with CT imaging. By improving the quality and availability of diagnostic data, the project endeavours to enhance healthcare outcomes.

Project Coordinator Anders Nordell, CEO and co-founder of Collective Minds Radiology, a cloud-based platform and community for professional healthcare collaboration, discussed how the CMRAD platform is revolutionising healthcare research and innovation by breaking down silos. CMRAD promotes a collaborative healthcare environment, linking various entities such as healthtech and AI firms, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals, academic institutions, and research consortia.

Steven Van Wortswinkel, Clinical Ethicist and Quality of Living Coordinator at GZA Ziekenhuizen contributed to a Roundtable discussion on the Digital Health Outlook. He delved into the challenges and prospects presented by the AI Act for the healthcare sector, emphasizing the critical importance of trustworthiness and ethical standards in AI technologies.

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Regent Lee presenting NetZeroAICT
Anders Nordell sharing CMRAD’s vision of breaking the ‘silos’ in healthcare
Steven van Wortswinkel on the roundtable discussion about the Digital Health Outlook