NetZeroAICT Press Release

The NetZeroAICT consortium is proud to announce the initiation of a groundbreaking European project that seeks to innovate Computerised Tomography (CT) imaging and substantially diminish its environmental impact.

Supported by Horizon Europe and UK Research Innovation, the project is pioneering the development of a novel AI-driven solution termed CT Digital Contrast. This solution is poised to obviate the need for iodinated radiocontrast media (RCM) injections in patients. RCM is identified as a significant source of pharmaceutical waste, adversely affecting the environment and biodiversity.

The CT Digital Contrast initiative employs sophisticated AI algorithms to digitally create contrast that can be superimposed on non-contrast CT images. This advancement is anticipated to alleviate patients from the risks and discomfort associated with RCM injections, which include allergic reactions and kidney damage, as well as the invasiveness of needle injections. Furthermore, it aims to reduce the carbon footprint of CT scans by conserving energy and minimizing the use of single-use consumables.

The consortium, led by Collective Minds Radiology and the University of Oxford, encompasses 20 partners from the healthcare sector, academia, and industry across Europe and beyond. The collaboration includes some of the most innovative radiology, vascular surgery, and AI entities.

In its commitment to developing AI software as a medical device, the consortium intends to define a new reference framework for the green and sustainable development of AISaMD, thereby reducing the environmental impact of Medical AI applications in healthcare.

The vision of the NetZeroAICT project aligns with the European Green Deal, aiming to transform the radiology service pathway and contribute to the health of both patients and the planet for future generations.

For more information about the NetZeroAICT project or to participate, please reach out via email at

The NetZeroAICT consortium expresses its gratitude for the support and engagement of its network and eagerly anticipates sharing further developments.